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Worker’s Compensation

The All Insured Group is well aware of the fact that each business is different and needs to be treated differently by its insurance company. That’s why a business that has ten employees can build and develop a policy with the All Insured Group just like a business that has 100 employees.

Workers compensation is not always a choice; some people are mandated by law to purchase this type of business insurance. Even if business owners are not required to buy workers compensation insurance, it would protect their assets in the event that their employees are ever hurt on the job. The All Insured Group is ready to create an affordable policy so that every business, big and small, can enjoy the protection that worker’s compensation gives them.

Medical Payments Insurance

Business owners are required to purchase liability insurance for the people who are hurt in a collision that their employees cause, but there is also the possibility that the employee will be hurt in the collision or someone will hit the employee’s company car. With the optional Medical Payments Insurance, businesses can take financial responsibility for their employees’ medical expenses.

Purchasing this type of insurance for their employees is one way for companies to let their employees know that they care about them and it engenders loyalty. It is not required, but the All Insured Group can add this insurance coverage to any policy to make it possible for business owners to take care of their employees’ injuries.

Property Damage Liability Coverage

Property damage liability coverage is insurance that is required of every driver in the state. Each driver must be able to demonstrate that they can take financial responsibility for the damages they cause to another person’s vehicle. In this case because it is a company car, it is the business owner who needs to purchase this policy.

Without property damage liability coverage, injured drivers have the right to sue the company for their repair bills, and companies have been known to go out of business after this event has occurred. Purchasing property damage liability coverage from the All Insured Group prevents this
unfortunate event from happening and saves their assets.