Property Insurance to protect your investment

All Insured Group has policies for homeowner’s, condominium, renters and landlord’s insurance.

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Protect Your Home

Property insurance protects people from the liability laims that may be filed against them if there is ever an accident on their property. The other side of this coverage includes repair or replacement of the buildings and/or the contents within. The All Insured Group has policies for homeowner’s, condominium, renters and landlord’s insurance.

With the possibility of a house being devastated in a natural disaster, home owner’s insurance is a must. Throughout their lives people have a lot they need to save for such as retirement, college educations and vacations. Having to save to have the house rebuilt if it were ever destroyed would require thousands of dollars more.

The All Insured Group’s home owner’s insurance policy ensures that people will have the money they need to repair or rebuild their damaged homes without risking their savings. It also protects their assets if they face a lawsuit by someone who was hurt on their property.

Condominium Insurance

Condominium owners often misunderstand their home owner’s associations’ (HOAs) insurance policies. The insurance that
the HOA purchased generally covers the common areas and the outside of the buildings. If the buildings are destroyed, everything the condominium owners have inside their units will be their responsibility to replace.

The All Insured Group also offers policies for people who own condominiums to replace their appliances, their furniture and all of their personal belongings. With condominium insurance coverage, condo owners also have liability coverage that protects them against the high cost of lawsuits.

Renters Insurance you can afford

Renters don’t always think about insuring their belongings because they don’t own the building but if a guest is hurt inside their apartments, they can sue the renters even though they are not the property owners. A renters insurance policy from the All Insured Group provides money for the
renters’ legal defense and pays the victims the money that is due them.

Renters insurance is also necessary if the apartment building is destroyed by a fire. The owner will be responsible for repairing the building but while this is being done, the tenants cannot live there. Renters insurance pays for temporary living accommodations, helps with paying for food and replaces the clothes that were destroyed in the fire.